Chris and Osho Enterprises is a newly formed medium-size construction, sign writing and printing company founded, owned and managed by Mr. Christian Iitope as the sole propriator. The company is concentrating and engaging in commercial, civil, industrial and multi-unit residential work, individuals and corporate logos design layout, printing and processing. We are located in Ondangwa, a town in the northern part of Namibia but, prepared to serve the whole country and beyond.


Our business is rapidly increasing, and  thanks to our reputation for completing projects on time and to the highest quality. We enjoy non-adversarial relationships with our clients, who often ask us to work on other projects for them, or recommend us to others.

                                             VISION STATEMENT

COC cc (Chris and Osho Construction cc) vision is to excel in the construction and signage industry and become an even greater force to be reckoned with. We strive to be one of the preferred construction companies in Namibia and beyond. Long term growth and stability is our future vision for COC cc and this will be achieved through satisfied customers and committed personnel working in a value added partnership of shared objectives and values for the common goals and objectives to realize our dreams.

                                            MISSION STATEMENT

COC cc aims to deliver superior professionally managed projects through excellent service delivery and the highest quality products provided. COC cc intends to deliver all projects before prescribed time and within the allocated budget to ensure maximum financial return and ensure long term growth and stability, which will maximize stakeholder value. We aim to improve the quality of our employees through impartial employment, equal opportunities and continue developments


·         To create job opportunities for the unemployed youth of Namibia

·         To equip and develop our youth from unskilled to skilled workers in the country

·         To deliver quality and professional services at all time

·         To empower people with needed skills and experiences through appropriate training

·         To train and develop our staff to increase the level of productivity and maintain higher quality services to our clients

·         To be capable of meeting the ever increasing demands of our clients

·         To ever satisfy our clients and impress them with our quality and punctual work and service.

·         To develop this company into a magnified international construction company to compete with foreign companies.

                                                                   STRATEGY IN OPERATION

COC cc customers know that their business outsourced will be managed according to world-class standards.  Objectives and standards are measured by ongoing evaluation, consultation and communication. All projects are seen as individuals and will be treaded as such. 

In executing projects COC cc assures customers of.

·         Regular communication and visits to customers sites

·         Involvement in identifying the unique needs of customers and execution of the project

·         Customized services and products;

·         Multi - skilled and professionally qualified personnel

·         Regular meetings between COC cc project management and clients.

                                                    CORPORATE GOVERNANCE PRIORITIES

COC cc’s corporate governance policies are based on the principles of:

·         Impeccable business ethics

·         Well-structured corporate governance with scope for empowerment and accountability at the lowest level

·         Adherence to industry and prevailing statutory and regulatory requirements

·         The feasibility of forming joint ventures and strategic alliances with respected business leaders and providers in countries and communities of operation

·         Acknowledgement of our social responsibility towards personnel and the community where business is conducted

·         Maintaining public liability and indemnity insurance to protect customers against potential loss