Chris and Osho initiated a plan to establish the Baked Clay Bricks and baked clay roof tiles project as for the following reasons: This plans are under way


·         During December holidays there is always shortage of bricks in the region as the main brick supplier company i.e. Henning Crusher is always closing as from 14 December to open only in 16 January every year. There is always a shortage even during the year, more than half of this country’s population are original from the northern part of this country and are always in the north during holidays and they need to develop their infrastructures therefore thy need quality bricks.


·         Our country has a tropical climate and the northern regions are the hottest in the country, therefore the use of baked roof tile is vital as they are good for hot weather as well as cold weather, they are also good for the strong wind as they cannot be blown away by the wind. The cost of corrugated and IBR sheets are also high nowadays therefore the use of this type of materials are just too good for us. We need to encourage people in our communities to use these special and suitable materials as are being used in neighbouring countries.


·         And lastly of course to help our company in accelerating process in completing our projects as sometimes we have to wait long for our order to be processed and therefore this will cause delays, as a result to come out cheaper to our clients if we are supplying bricks and roof tiles as the cost of buildings are too higher.


Chris and Osho Construction is a company that operates country-wide, north to south and east to west and have even reached the outside world. We are special and are experts in Building of Houses, Churches, Schools, Complex, Shops and all business apartments; we also specialize in Building Renovation. Chris and Osho Construction is widely known for our Good and Respectful works, the only construction company that offer services for as cheap as free, we are the only company that fight with prices, but finally we always beat them. Our work have proved everyone wrong, no body have ever expected the best job at a lower cost like the way we do, our Satisfied customers have said it, here are some of the finished and nicely Job-well done.


                                       PHOTO SAMPLE OF FINISHED CONSTRUCTIONS

These are just some of the sample pictures and images of the finished Houses and apartments’ constructed by the only CHRIS AND OSHO CONSTRUCTION, that are some of the reasons we are widely described by a lot as the only young and newly best construction company around, we have made our clients proud and we have made them believe that yes its true, we really mean what we are.

For some other images and photos of the same construction company, please feel free and watch this space for details or get to the Photo Albums for some more, for comments and questions, we have a page singley made for our clients comments (CONTACT US) and we will get back to you in a very short time.